Axe Throwing Dallas Fort Worth

Shuriken Ninja Throwing Stars

Besides tactical axes, we also have shurikens, also known as ninja throwing stars. These things are a blast to throw! You’ve seen the Bruce Lee movies and always wanted to try to thow these, and now you can!

Use our zombie targets and take out the zombies with your ninja star throwing skills! Remember only head shots count when killing zombies!

You will be killing zombies in no time!

For your zombie hunting, you can choose from throwing tactical axes, or ninja throwing stars. The beauty of the throwing stars is they take very little effort to throw. Since they have 5 points, if they hit, they normally stick!

If you have any difficulty getting axes to stick, you will see these are super easy to use. Within minutes we will have you mastering the ninja star throw and the zombies will not have a chance!