Don't toss hatchets - Use real throwing axes!

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Why be a lumberjack when you could
be one of the Axe Ninjas!?

In Reality, we are the only axe throwing venue in the DFW area!

You may see businesses that say they have Axe Throwing. Guess what?!  They don’t!  They are throwing camping hatchets. An axe is a big ‘ole heavy thing with a 3 foot handle for chopping down trees. And hatchets are a heavy, smaller version. Again, they are made for chopping wood and cutting down small trees.  They are NOT made for throwing!

For throwing, there is something known as a Tactical Throwing Axe. Some also call them Ninja Axes.  They are smaller, lighter, have a spike on the back end and are much more accurate for throwing. If you want to throw axes – we want you to have throwing axes! So, we don’t buy axes from the local hardware store and have you wear out your arm throwing them at normal wood boards. We provide you with Specialized Throwing Axes and have the most unique targets in the industry.

Throw Ninja Stars Shurikens

We also have ninja throwing stars, aka Shurikens

Throw Ninja Stars Shurikens

We understand fun!

Axe Throwing is a Perfect Event for

Axe Ninjas is located inside GatSplat Paintball fields which allows customers to have multiple gaming options. Maybe your corporate team building event wants to do a little paintball, then have some axe throwing. Here you can do both! Maybe you want to head in for our parents night out, but have no baby sitter. No worries! On certain days we have our evenings when the adults can throw axes and we’ll entertain the kids with dodge ball, Nerf wars and more!

With over 13 years of running our entertainment facilities, we understand fun and safety, and we will bring these two elements together in the most unique axe throwing venue you will ever see. Stop by and visit, or book your event now!

Located inside GatSplat Lewisville!

Combine your favorite games with axe throwing!

The most unique targets in the industry!

Your average axe target is boring!

Walk into any of the other “axe throwing” locations in town, and you will probably see something that looks like this! The standard is 5 boards from the hardware store with some circles drawn with a big sharpie.

If you are like most, this will become boring after a few minutes. Especailly when you take into acount the fact that a camping hatchet does not really want to stick into the side of a 2 x 10 board!

We decided that the same old axe targets were just not good enough, so we reinvented them! By using hand selected woods, and hours of pain staking craftsmanhip, we create a target that is much easier for you to have your axe stick in. Especially since you will be throwing actual tactical axes made for this!

Standard Axe Throwing Target
Axe Throwing Black Jack
Axe Throwing Tic Tac Toe Game
Axe Throwing poker

With our projection targets the options are limitless!

Instead of throwing at the same circle time and time again, our projection system with built in interactive games allows you go pick from different options. Maybe Tic Tac Toe, Battle Ship, Black Jack and more.

Of course, if you do want to just throw at a basic target, we can do that for you too. (Just our lines are a bit cleaner.)

All about us

Bringing a whole new type of axe throwing. 

We come from a long history of customer service, entertainment and fun. From ScubaToys, to GatSplat Paintball, and now to axe throwing, the secret is finding how to run it to assure people have a great time! That is why we are turning the axe world upside down with our new axes, lanes, and targets.

You will have to come experience it for yourself!

3 Throws are better than 1
2 Points are better than 1

In standard axe (hatchet) throwing, the big heavy hatchets have large wood or figerglass handles. This means you have to throw one, then go pull it out (if it stuck) and then throw again. Because our special tactical throwing axes are lighter and smaller, you get to throw three times in a row. This will help you perfect your throwing motion. If the first one doesn’t hit, learn from it, and try again right now… now 5 minutes from now.
And since our axes have penetrating points on both sides, they are much more likely to stick. So do you want to throw an axe 20 times for your admission fee at other locations – or 60 at Axe Ninjas?